Bailey & Weiler, LLC offers the unique combination of design and construction experience to craft custom homes with stylish flair and quality workmanship.

Planning Stages



The design may come from a place you visited, a picture you saw, a plan you purchased on the web or a sketch you drew on a napkin. Regardless, we begin by getting to know you. Your custom plan is developed and refined until every space and element is just right.

During our initial meetings we will discuss . . .

• Your Vision and Goals
• Your Lifestyle/Workstyle
• Your Timeline
• Your Budget
• Your Inspiration



Bailey & Weiler evaluates the performance of each tradesman on every project. High expectations are maintained by utilizing only craftsmen that deliver quality, timeliness and value. Our on site presence ensures quality workmanship and provides the leadership to implement your vision down to the smallest detail.

The basis of any productive relationship is good communication. Reconciled budgets are provided throughout the project to avoid last minute surprises. Regular walk throughs ensure that all elements are as you envisioned.



As construction concludes, we bring all details to conclusion. If decorating is not your forte, our interior design service can help you to personalize your home with style, function and value.