A Home That Works For You… And Others


When partnering with our homeowners to design and build their new home – or renovate their existing one – we listen to their needs and the types of spaces they desire. Many of our homeowners seek assurance that their ideas work not only for them, but also appeal to a broader market. Let’s walk through a few concepts that enter …

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Design/Build – A Simpler Way to Build

Bailey & Weiler Rago Home 6.09.2014

Are you considering building or renovating your home and don’t know where to begin? The traditional process of selecting a separate architect, builder and designer can seem daunting. Our homeowners are relieved to learn that there is a simpler way. A Design/Build company transforms the relationship with the homeowner into a collaborative and streamlined process that improves communication, increases quality, …

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6 Ways to Save on Your Home Project

Bailey & Weiler Design Build

Are you ready to get started on your new home or renovation, but nervous about horror stories of cost overruns? The solution is to select a trusted building partner and allow sufficient time to develop a solid plan before work begins. Here are six tips that we share with our homeowners to keep their projects within budget: Establish a budget …

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Today’s Homeowners Focus on Quality and Flexibility

Variation in ceiling height, and the addition of beams and trays, differentiate spaces and create visual interest. Dining nooks and kitchen bars can meet multiple needs by providing space for homework, projects, serving space and casual conversation. [PHOTO: Bailey & Weiler Design/Build]

In the 1950’s, the average American home was 975 square feet. Over the decades that followed, home size steadily increased until it peaked at 2,300 in 2007 – sometimes sacrificing quality of construction for quantity of space. In recent years, many homeowners reversed that trend by seeking more compact, multi-purpose living spaces while integrating high quality, custom details. Here are …

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The Great Debate: To Build or Renovate?

Before construction of your new home or renovation begins, you deserve a full explanation of the budget and specifications, along with renderings of the finished product so you can visualize how it will look and feel. Appropriate planning on the front end yields time and cost savings by paving the way for a smooth construction process. [RENDERING: Bailey & Weiler Design/Build]

By Don Weiler, Bailey & Weiler Design/BuildSpecialists in Custom Home Design, New Construction and Renovation  As your life evolves, your home needs change. A growing family, personal health issues, new hobbies, income changes,… any number of life events can result in the need for more, less or just different living spaces. A new home might be the best solution, while …

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